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Nonprofit’s investigation exposes rampant animal abuse in 8 elephant attractions in Thailand

elephant abuse
  • Nonprofit organization Lady Freethinker (LFT) released a report exposing the abusive treatment that elephants have been subjected to in eight different attractions in Thailand.
  • Some of the abuses that the group’s investigator discovered include elephants being stabbed with nails, being left chained in their own feces and being forced to do stunts using bullhooks, which have caused them to exhibit signs of psychological distress.
  • Animal cruelty was reportedly observed in all of the visited sites: Chang Puak Camp, Chang Siam Camp, Khao Kheow Open Zoo, Nong Nooch Tropical Garden, Pattaya Elephant Village, Samphran Elephant Ground and Zoo, Sanctuary of Truth and Chang Thai Thappraya Safari.
  • In its online petition, LFT is calling upon Thai officials to investigate the facilities. The organization has recommended that they “relocate abused and suffering animals to reputable sanctuaries.”
  • LFT also urged the public to stop supporting the so-called attractions exposed for exploiting the animals.

Nonprofit media organization Lady Freethinker (LFT) recently published a report revealing the abysmal conditions of elephants featured in several attractions in Thailand. 

After visiting eight different facilities, the group’s investigator discovered rampant cruelty against the animals. Abuses suffered by the elephants included being stabbed with nails, being left chained in their own feces and being forced to do stunts using bullhooks, which have caused them to exhibit signs of psychological distress. 

Ex-CEO of Atlanta nonprofit accused of misusing funds meant to assist refugees and minorities

  • Protestors have accused a local nonprofit located in Atlanta of misusing funds meant to help minorities and refugees.
  • Chaiwon Kim, a former co-CEO of the Center for Pan-Asian Community Services (CPACS) has been accused of appropriating the money for personal use and unfairly hiring and compensating family members.
  • The other co-CEO, Dr. Jung Ha Kim, claimed that she had been fired for speaking out.
  • In a moment of solidarity, staff walked out of CPACS with Dr. Jung on Friday.

Several people gathered outside a local nonprofit organization in Atlanta earlier this week to protest its alleged misuse of funds meant to help minorities and refugees.

The Center for Pan Asian Community Service (CPACS) is a nonprofit organization that focuses on serving Asian Americans and other underrepresented populations in Atlanta. Chaiwon Kim, one of its former co-CEOs, is accused of appropriating the nonprofit’s money for personal use.

Open Society Foundations pledges over $40 million in grants to Asian, Arab, Muslim communities

Open Society Foundation

Advocacy groups in minority communities will be receiving a $42.5 million grant from nonprofit Open Society Foundations (OSF). 

Much-needed support: Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) and Muslim, Arab and South Asian (MASA) communities will be getting a financial boost over five years to aid their nonpartisan initiatives, reported Axios.

NJ Non-Profit Exec Allegedly Coerces Intern Into More Work by Threatening to Not Pay Her

intern abuse

The executive director of the non-profit Camden County Historical Society (CCHS) was recently blasted on social media for allegedly trying to intimidate an intern to do work well beyond her scope.

An intern wronged: A public Facebook post by user Nhu Tran shared how a “CS major interning at a nonprofit organization,” who Tran called “Helen” for safety, was being bullied by her boss at work.