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Gia Vang, first Hmong American TV news anchor in the Twin Cities, bids farewell at KARE 11

Gia Vang
  • Gia Vang, the first Hmong-American TV news anchor in the Twin Cities, bid farewell to Minnesota as a co-anchor of KARE 11 Sunrise on Friday.
  • The journalist made national news by co-founding the “Very Asian” campaign in January with Michelle Li, an anchor at the NBC affiliate in St. Louis, to fight racism.
  • Along with Yia Vang, the journalist also debuted “Hmonglish,” a podcast that explores the intersection of Hmong and American culture.
  • While Vang has yet to announce where she is headed, she previously suggested that she will be leaving Minnesota.

Gia Vang, the first Hmong American TV news anchor in the Twin Cities, has left the KARE 11 station.

Vang bid farewell to Minnesota as a co-anchor of “KARE 11 Sunrise” earlier today after announcing last week that she was leaving the station.

Chinese news anchor wears Ukrainian flag colors while reporting NATO is responsible for Russian invasion

chinese anchor woman
  • Internet users are speculating whether a Chinese news anchor deliberately wore colors of the Ukrainian flag on air.
  • A screenshot of the news anchor was posted on the subreddit r/Ukraine where some users expressed their belief that the woman was sending a message of support for Ukraine, while others suggested it was a coincidence.
  • The anchor was seen wearing a bright yellow button-up blouse and a blue blazer, quickly leading viewers to draw comparisons to the colors of the Ukrainian flag.
  • Many Reddit users argued over the true colors of the anchor’s on-air clothing due to the differing hues seen in the screenshot versus the video.
  • The anchor, who appeared on the Chinese state-run station CCTV4, was meanwhile reporting that NATO was at fault for the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

A Chinese news anchor has quickly drawn attention for the colors of her recent on-air attire, which closely resembled those of the Ukrainian flag.

According to Taiwan News, the anchorwoman for Chinese state-run CCTV4 was reporting that NATO was to blame for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine at the time she wore the outfit.

Bay Area news anchor suspended after fight over tagline criticizing lack of news coverage toward women of color

KTVU news anchor

Weeks after returning to KTVU, Bay Area veteran news anchor Frank Somerville was reportedly taken off the air again for allegedly disagreeing with a news director over the station’s coverage of Gabby Petito’s disappearance.

Newsroom spat: Somerville, 63, was reportedly slapped with an “indefinite suspension” after a newsroom spat with news director Amber Eikel over coverage of the Petito homicide case, a source familiar with the matter told the Mercury News.

Florida News Anchor Wendy Chioji Passes Away After Battling Cancer For Years

Wendy Chioji, former WESH 2 News anchor in Florida has passed away at the age of 57 after battling cancer for several years.

Chioji was born in Oxnard, California and raised in Maryland. She attended Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana and later joined WESH in 1988 after relocating from Savannah, Georgia. She began her career as an evening reporter for the Floridian news outlet, covering a story she wrote for the 50th anniversary of WESH-TV.

CBS Reporter Reveals Skin Condition That Has Covered Her Face for Months

A local CBS News anchor stepped out of the shadows to reveal a skin condition that has covered her face for months, relieving herself of the emotional exhaustion that came with hiding it.

Frances Wang, who works at CBS Miami, unveiled her struggle in a moving Instagram post on Sept. 17, which included a series of photos showing the progression of her condition in the last four months.