Chinese news anchor wears Ukrainian flag colors while reporting NATO is responsible for Russian invasion

Chinese news anchor wears Ukrainian flag colors while reporting NATO is responsible for Russian invasion
Rebecca Moon
March 1, 2022
A Chinese news anchor has quickly drawn attention for the colors of her recent on-air attire, which closely resembled those of the Ukrainian flag.
According to Taiwan News, the anchorwoman for Chinese state-run CCTV4 was reporting that NATO was to blame for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine at the time she wore the outfit.
Reddit user u/Semetali uploaded a screenshot of the news anchor wearing a bright yellow button-up blouse with a bright blue blazer, colors similar to those in the Ukrainian flag.
Many users responded to the post, speculating whether the anchor’s outfit had been worn deliberately to support Ukraine or if the color coordination was just a coincidence. While some contended that the anchor was taking “a stand” or pointed out that the outfit stood out from the usual “neutral colors” worn by Chinese anchors, others believed that it was nothing more than a fashion choice.
“Interesting thing about blue and yellow is that they are complimentary [sic] colors, which means they are colors that make each other pop and look better, which is why you commonly see them paired in outfits, paintings, graphic design and pretty much everywhere,” one user argued. “Maybe she supports Ukraine. Maybe she’s just good at color coordinating outfits.”
Users also argued that the blazer’s color hues differed between the screenshot and the video where the screenshot appears to show a brighter blue while the video shows a more teal-toned blue.
CCTV4 features a mix of English and Chinese language programming and is a part of state-owned China Central Television, or CCTV. 
China has not condemned Russia for its invasion of Ukraine and has instead accused the U.S. of causing the conflict. Last week, Horizon News, which operates under Chinese state-owned outlet Beijing News, accidentally leaked editorial instructions on avoiding anti-Russia coverage of the invasion, NextShark previously reported.
Feature Image via CCTV中文国际
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