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British Museum Complains That Asian Names ‘Can Be Confusing’ and Twitter Absolutely Exploded

The British Museum’s attempt to participate in a worldwide publicity stunt has backfired tremendously, as they have revealed that they steer clear from too many Asian names since they “can be confusing”.

The tweet was in response to a question posited by the Sydney Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences during the worldwide #AskACurator event, wherein museums all over the globe answered burning questions from inquisitive minds.

This Entrepreneur Helps Chinese People Avoid Terrible English Names

To help non-English-speaking Chinese people avoid the tragedy of ending up with offbeat English names, a 26-year-old American entrepreneur has launched a website that aids them in selecting better-sounding names.

Lindsay Jernigan’s website,, is a naming service for Chinese students, employees or other individuals who need a foreign name in order to seek out opportunities abroad.

Parents Are Actually Naming Their Kids After Instagram Filters Now

Newly released data on baby names in 2015 reveals that parents took increased inspiration from planets, the TV show “Empire” and Instagram filters when choosing monikers for their newborns.

According to BabyCenter, the top names for boys and girls in 2015 were also previous years’ most popular — Jackson and Sophia, respectively. The next most-picked boy and girl names of the year are Aiden and Emma.