Can Your Name Determine Your Career?

We all know that the names given to us at birth can impact our lives in immeasurable ways, but can they also help predict our careers?
Venture capitalists, for instance, are more likely to have individuals named Joanna, Guy, Shawn, Nicholas or Alexander than the general population.
App company here conducted an analysis of public records data to find the six most disproportionately common names among each of 37 different occupations.
Explaining the concept, developer Mark Edmond wrote:

“Take Elvis, for example. There aren’t all that many Elvises out there, but a particularly high percentage of them are musicians. As a result, Elvis ranks high among musician names. Elvis isn’t the most common name among musicians — that’s likely to be John or some other very popular name. What’s interesting is that it’s way more common among musicians than you might expect, given how rare it is. In other words, it’s common in that profession relative to its overall frequency.”

Peep the infographic below. (click to enlarge)
To search for a name, CTRL+F Verdant Lab’s list of the occupations and names:
Biologist: Stuart, Suzanne, Sara, Cheryl, Janet
Car Salesman: Clay, Travis, Pete, Allen, Bob
Electrical Engineer: Harvey, Eugene, Bernard, Edwin, Charles
Firefighter: Brandon, Darren, Ryan, Jason, Jeremy
Fitness Instructor: Virginia, Rebecca, Julie, Pamela, Karen
Football Coach: Rich, Mike, Bill, Dan, Jim
Football Player: Reggie, Jermaine, Darnell, Quinton, Nate
Graphic Designer: Vanessa, Alison, Diana, Jan, Kurt
Guitarist: Mick, Richie, Trey, Sonny, Buddy
Hair Stylist: Lori, Raymond, Patricia, Susan, Robert
Insurance Salesman: Dalton, Garrett, Patty, Brent, Clark
Interior Designer: Elise, Marjorie, Martha, Lynne, Bonnie
Journalist: Alastair, Gideon, Hanna, Jonah, Louisa
Mechanic: Dave, Patrick, Randy, Fred, Jerry
Meteorologist: Joe, Bill, Scott, Mike, Jeff
Photographer: Zoe, Bruno, Hugo, Annie, Noah
Police Officer: Louis, Kevin, Wayne, Kim, Timothy
Songwriter: Richie, Mick, Sonny, Benny, Billy
Stuntman: Eddie, Erik, Alex, Ben, Terry
Venture Capitalist: Joanna, Guy, Shawn, Nicholas, Alexander
Veterinarian: Wayne, Sara, Peggy, Tracy, Gene
h/t: Bustle
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