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Hong Kong Girl Writes ‘Hateful’ Mother’s Day Card to Her ‘Vicious’ Mom

Netizens took to social media on Sunday to share their sweet, thoughtful messages for their moms, and loved ones who are also mothers, in celebration of Mother’s Day.

But while social media feeds around the world were teeming with heart-tugging posts for that person who brought us into the world, one girl’s post in Hong Kong has gone viral for its brutal criticism against her mom.

Why Being a Single Mom in Japan in Considered Shameful

It must already be daunting to raise children alone, so doing so in a society that looks down on single parents certainly doesn’t make it any easier.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly the situation many single mothers in Japan  find themselves in. With the country’s economy going downhill, they are easily among the most vulnerable to financial insecurity. As per official data, half of all single parent households are living in poverty, most of which are mothers.