Japanese Lingerie Brand Wants You to Give Your Mom Panties For Mother’s Day

Japanese Lingerie Brand Wants You to Give Your Mom Panties For Mother’s Day
Ryan General
April 26, 2017
A Japanese company is offering an alternative type of present to give to moms for this year’s Mother’s Day.
Deviating from the usual cakes, flowers or spa vouchers, Kyoto-based Wacoal has come up with something that most people may find unusual — or just straight up awkward — to give to a parent.
According to RocketNews24, the international lingerie brand is suggesting some elegantly packaged panties dubbed as the “Pants Flower” series for thoughtful children to buy for their moms on Mother’s Day this coming May 14th. 
For the gift suggestion, Wacoal couldn’t have chosen a perfect variety of underwear as the line-up consists of the non-sexy, conservative designs. The thoughtful consideration at least saves the collection from being totally on the creepy side.
Unfortunately for those who have small-sized mommies, Wacoal has made the Mother’s Day panties available only in medium or large sizes.
The panties are not only folded to look like carnations, they are also colored with dye extracted from the flowers that are traditionally associated with Mother’s Day.  The specialty panties are available in red, orange and blue and can be ordered here from Wacoal.
Reasonably priced at 1,296 yen ($11.70) a pair, purchasing the Pants Flowers series may at least impress your mom with your money-saving skills.
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