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Indonesia Releases 6 Million Bacteria Infected Mosquitoes to Fight Dengue Fever


Researchers are getting close to eliminating mosquitoes carrying the dengue virus after seeing a massive drop in infections in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

What happened: The infection rate in the city dropped significantly by 77% after scientists released about 6 million mosquitoes infected by the Wolbachia bacteria which is used to target the virus, according to The Guardian.

Scientists Warn That ‘Super Malaria’ Spreading Through Southeast Asia Could Threaten the World

A new form of malaria that is resistant to today’s standard treatment, currently being referred to as “Super Malaria,” has broken out in Southern Vietnam.

According to BBC, scientists are warning the public that the rapid spread of “Super Malaria” in Southeast Asia could pose a global threat. The first case of parasitic infection of this drug resistant Malaria was in Cambodia back in 2007. And ever since then, it has traveled across SEA to Thailand, Laos, Myanmar and now Vietnam.