Japanese Twitter Swears By This Effective Mosquito-Stopping Tool

Japanese Twitter Swears By This Effective Mosquito-Stopping ToolJapanese Twitter Swears By This Effective Mosquito-Stopping Tool
Ryan General
June 12, 2018
As humidity rises in many Asian countries, the abundance of mosquitoes become increasingly problematic.
In Japan, where the disease-carrying insects arrive at the start of the summer, a Twitter user has offered a solution to this problem using a common cleaning tool, SoraNews24 reports.
According to Japanese Twitter user AnTytle, an adhesive hand roller, the kind used to clean floors and grab lint from clothes, is the perfect weapon against the blood-sucking pests.
AnTytle suggests that instead of whacking the mosquito by your hand, rolling the tool helps in keeping the mosquito from detecting your presence.
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Mosquitoes, which are responsible for spreading diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, and many others, can easily pick up signals that a human is nearby by detecting body heat and carbon dioxide.
Using the roller will allow you to trap the unsuspecting insects without a hitch on the adhesive surface.
AnTytle’s tweet has proved to be popular among other Japanese users, generating over 100,000 likes and almost 70,000 retweets since it was posted on Twitter last week.
The tip is extremely useful, since it was just last year when scientists discovered a new form of malaria referred to as “Super Malaria” in Asia. The new malaria type, which reportedly broke out in Southern Vietnam, has been found to be resistant to today’s standard treatment.
If adhesive hand rollers are hard to find in your area, you might consider keeping a live chicken indoors to keep mosquitoes away, as scientists claim fowls are natural mosquito repellents.
Featured image via Twitter/ AnTytle
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