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Man who shoved Michelle Go to her death deemed unfit to stand trial

Simon Martial deemed unfit for trial
  • Simon Martial, the man accused of fatally shoving Michelle Go, was found mentally unfit to stand trial on Tuesday.
  • At the time of his arrest, Martial confessed to pushing Go in front of an oncoming train and said he did it “because I’m God.”
  • The 61-year-old has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and has cycled in and out of mental hospitals for at least 20 years, according to his sister.
  • Martial’s lawyer reportedly expects the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office to “confirm” the findings, which means he could be locked up in a mental health facility instead of jail.

Simon Martial, the homeless man accused of killing Michelle Go, has been deemed mentally unfit to stand trial, according to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.

At the time of his arrest, Martial, 61, confessed to fatally shoving Go in front of an oncoming train in the Times Square subway station on Jan. 15. He said he did it “because I’m God.”

‘Asian Lives Matter’: Protest against anti-Asian attacks erupts in NYC Chinatown after Michelle Go vigil

  • More than 100 protesters reportedly gathered in Chinatown to denounce the rise in anti-Asian attacks.
  • While Michelle Go’s death is currently not being investigated as a hate crime, it has nonetheless worsened fears of violence throughout Asian American communities.
  • Protesters pleaded for help from Mayor Eric Adams, who insisted that subways are safe before admitting that he himself felt unsafe during a ride.
  • Republican radio host Curtis Sliwa, who lost to Adams in the mayoral election — but won big among Asian American voters — attended the protest and is now criticizing the mayor on Twitter.

Two days after hundreds came together to honor Michelle Go’s memory in Times Square, protesters took to Chinatown to call for help combatting the surge in anti-Asian attacks amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Go, 40, was shoved to her death in front of an oncoming train at the Times Square-42nd Street subway station on Jan. 15. The homeless advocate of over 10 years was allegedly killed by 61-year-old Simon Martial, a mentally ill, homeless man with a decades-long rap sheet.

‘It’s time for us to come together’: Hundreds gather to honor Michelle Go at Times Square candlelight vigil

Michelle Go Vigil
  • Hundreds of people, including New York City Mayor Eric Adams and other elected officials, attended Asians Fighting Injustice’s vigil held at Times Square in remembrance of Michelle Go, who was fatally shoved in front of a subway on Saturday.
  • Friends and family recalled the life of Go, and officials advocated for justice and the safety of the city’s diverse citizens.
  • The Asian American Foundation released a statement of its action plan in pursuit of solutions for keeping the AAPI community safe from hate crimes and violence.

Hundreds of people gathered in Times Square on Tuesday to remember the life of Michelle Go and to advocate for public safety.

Michelle Go’s Vigil

Michelle Go, woman who was shoved into path of NYC subway train, helped homeless people for 10 years

  • Michelle Alyssa Go, 40, was shoved into the path of an oncoming subway train in New York City on Saturday, resulting in her death.
  • Go, described by family members as a “kind” and “intelligent” woman, spent the past 10 years helping homeless people find work.
  • Her alleged killer, 61-year-old Simon Martial, is a homeless person.

Michelle Alyssa Go, the woman pushed to her death by a homeless man in New York City, had advocated for homeless people for over 10 years, according to fellow volunteers.

Go, 40, was shoved into the path of an oncoming train at Times Square-42nd Street subway station at around 9:40 a.m. on Saturday. The suspect, 61-year-old Simon Martial, surrendered to police shortly after and was subsequently charged with second-degree murder.