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Michael Jordan Made More Money in 2014 Off Sneakers Than His Whole NBA Career

While many people are aware that Michael Jordan was one of the greatest basketball players to ever play the game — if not the greatest — many may not know that he made more money last year in sneaker sales alone than he did in his entire NBA career.

A new infographic released last week by PBS shows that Jordan made $100 million from 2014 in sneaker sales alone, which is $6 million more than the $94 million total in income he earned for his entire NBA career. 

Michael Jordan Wanted to Win So Bad He Even Talked Trash to ‘Space Jam’ Movie Extras

Everyone knows by now that legendary basketball star Michael Jordan is ultra-competitive. His drive to win and be the best is unparalleled. Part of how he displayed his drive was through his trash talking.

After being dominated on the court by Jordan as a rookie, Reggie Miller said that Jordan requested that he refer to him as “Black Jesus.” In another instance, Jordan threw shade at President Barack Obama after playing golf with him: