Asian Woman Tweets Her Hilarious 3rd Grade Obsession with Michael Jordan

Many would lay the claim of being Michael Jordan’s number one fan, but no matter what anyone of them thinks, he or she can never come close to Irene Liiao of Manhasset, New York.
Posting on Twitter on Tuesday, Liiao shared her unique obsession with NBA GOAT Michael Jordan when she was in third grade, reported Mashable.
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The young Liiao was so enamored with the Chicago Bulls legend that she wanted to spend most of her time around him.  But since MJ was probably busy winning championships during those times, she had to settle for the second best thing: a lifesize cardboard cutout of His Airness.
She tweeted the photos of her young self with the Jordan cutout in various places that she went to. Calling it as an “obsession” is probably an understatement.
Sure, some may have watched his every game, or bought every limited edition Nike shoe that bore his name, but no one can say they have carried around the 5-time MVP awardee around inside a mall or at Starbucks.
She can even say that she had the pleasure of learning to play the piano with her grandfather and Michael Jordan.
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— irene liao (@ireneliiao) September 20, 2016
Unfortunately, about a month after bringing Michael Jordan into her life, her teacher sent a note home to Liao’s parents saying the obsession was an “unhealthy phase”. Eventually her parents promised her a Michael Jordan poster if she threw out the cutout, but she never got the poster, according to Deadspin. Still, we will never forget the phase of life touched by the awesomeness of “Space Jam”.
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