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Suspect in murder of elderly Asian man in LA had mental issues that ‘came out of nowhere’, uncle says

  • Keonte Woods, 25, is accused of fatally stabbing 70-year-old Dal Lee in Los Angeles’ South Main Street on May 5.
  • Lee was sitting inside his parked van when a Black male suspect approached him from behind and stabbed him in the neck, police said.
  • Woods was arrested in connection to the incident on May 12 and charged with murder on May 16.
  • However, a criminal complaint revealed that Woods was also allegedly involved in a separate attack against another Asian victim on April 30.
  • Woods’ uncle, Travis Jones, told the Los Angeles Times that Woods had kept to himself until he began to struggle with mental issues that “came out of nowhere.”
  • Woods is now facing a joint felony case from both attacks and is being held on a $2 million bail.

A man accused of killing an elderly Asian man in Los Angeles in May had kept to himself before struggling with mental issues, his uncle said.

Keonte Woods, 25, was arrested on May 12 in connection with the fatal stabbing of 70-year-old Dal Lee in the 5300 block of South Main Street a week earlier.

Customer kicked out for not wearing pants smashes windows, doors of Chinese restaurant in Queens

  • A man booted out of 4 Choices & A Soup on Roosevelt Avenue in Flushing, Queens, retaliated by smashing glass windows and doors at the restaurant on Saturday.
  • The man was reportedly kicked out earlier in the day for not wearing pants and had since returned several times.
  • Restaurant owner Jenny Xie said it was not the first time the man has caused trouble, having allegedly urinated in front of the business and shown up completely undressed on one occasion.
  • Police said the restaurant had earlier obtained a restraining order against the man, who was eventually charged with criminal mischief and criminal contempt for violating the order.
  • Xie said she believes the man has mental health issues and hopes he receives psychiatric help rather than being sent to jail.

A man booted out of a Chinese restaurant in Flushing, Queens, for not wearing pants retaliated by smashing glass windows and doors at the establishment on Saturday.

The incident at 4 Choices & A Soup on Roosevelt Avenue reportedly began at around 4:40 p.m. when the man showed up with a hammer after entering the restaurant with no pants earlier in the day and returning several times after.

Hong Kong mother pleads guilty to fatally strangling, slashing wrists of her 16-year-old daughter

hong kong high court mother
  • A 54-year-old mother in Hong Kong, Kwok Lin-choi, pleaded guilty before the High Court to manslaughter for drugging, strangling and slashing the wrists of her 16-year-old daughter.
  • “I felt that my daughter had changed, so I gave her some sleeping pills and then killed her with a fruit knife,” Kwok told officers.
  • The mother was diagnosed with dysthymia in 2004 by psychiatric services. Psychiatrists have also diagnosed her with “major depressive disorder and severe depression with psychotic symptoms.”
  • The defense counsel urged the court to be lenient with Kwok, claiming she was not in a state to control herself during the crime.
  • The judge adjourned Kwok’s sentencing to May 17 due to pending background and probation reports.

A mother in Hong Kong pleaded guilty before the High Court to manslaughter for drugging, strangling and slashing the wrists of her 16-year-old daughter.

Kwok Lin-choi, 54, appeared before Judge Andrew Chan Hing-wai on Tuesday and admitted to killing her daughter, Tsui Lok-yee, in their flat at the Tin Heng Estate in Tin Shui Wai on Oct. 10, 2019.

Sujata Day, Ritesh Rajan of ‘Definition Please’ on normalizing South Asian stories and erasing mental illness shame

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  • “Definition Please” stars Sujata Day and Ritesh Rajan spoke with NextShark about normalizing South Asian American stories and erasing the shame behind mental illness.
  • Director, writer and actor Day wants viewers of her film to see that the tribulations of a South Asian American family could be relatable to anyone outside of the Asian diaspora.
  • “As an actor, I’ve been on so many stereotypical auditions and audiences get used to seeing these same depictions over and over,” Day said. “I’d love for audiences to feel a sense of hope and also see themselves or people they know in some of our characters and journeys.”
  • Rajan emphasized the importance of South Asian representation and his responsibility as an Indian actor to spread Indian culture and honor the sacrifices of his parents.

“Definition Please” stars Sujata Day and Ritesh Rajan spoke with NextShark about normalizing South Asian American stories and erasing the shame behind mental illness in celebration of the film’s re-release on Netflix.

“Definition Please” first premiered at the 2020 Bentonville Film Festival, where it received rave reviews from audiences. It has since won multiple awards, including the Outstanding Directorial Debut Award at South Asian Film Festival of America and the Special Jury Award for Fresh Narrative Voice at Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival.

Ruling that man who killed three Asian men with hammer is ‘not responsible’ due to mental illness angers victims’ widows

Seaport Buffet suspect
  • Arthur Martunovich, 37, was transferred to a maximum security psychiatric hospital Thursday after Brooklyn Supreme Court Judge Danny Chun determined the man has a “dangerous mental disorder.”
  • The decision angered the widows of the victims demanding justice.

The widows of the Chinese men murdered in a violent hate crime hammer attack in 2019 were angered by the court’s decision to send the suspect to a psychiatric hospital instead of allowing him to face trial this week.

Jennifer Pun, the widow of Tsz Mat Pun, 50, one of the victims of the hammer attack, criticized the American justice system for transferring Arthur Martunovich, 37, to a psychiatric hospital on Thursday, according to New York Daily News.

Japanese Woman Dies After Being Imprisoned for More Than 15 Years By Her Parents

A 33-year-old Japanese woman reportedly froze to death in her tiny windowless room where she was confined by her parents for more than 15 years, believing she had a form of mental illness that made her violent.

The body of the victim, Airi Kakimoto, who was was 145 centimeters tall (4 feet 9 inches) and weighed only about 19 kilograms (41 pounds), was found in an extremely malnourished condition by the police on Dec. 23, according to Reuters via South China Morning Post.

Chinese Patients Suffering From Serious Mental Illness Rising at Alarming Rate

More and more people in China are being diagnosed with serious mental health issues, recent government data has revealed.

According to the National Health and Family Planning Commission, serious mental illnesses affected 5.4 million Chinese people by the end of 2016, with 75% of them diagnosed with schizophrenia, a severe but treatable condition characterized by “profound disruptions in thinking, affecting language, perception, and the sense of self”.