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Mexico’s President Apologizes for the 1911 Massacre that Killed Over 300 Chinese People

Mexico’s president made a public apology on Monday for the killing of over 300 Chinese people by the revolutionary forces of Francisco I. Madero in the city of Torreón over a century ago.

Gruesome history: President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said he wants to ensure the 1911 massacre, in which Chinese nationals were mutilated or hung from telegraph poles, “never, ever happens again,” reported the Associated Press

How America Forgot the Chinese Massacre of 1871, One of the Worst Mass Lynchings in U.S. History

The beloved Dr. Gene Tong was dragged through the roughest street in Los Angeles, an angry mob calling for his quick death by hanging. Dr. Tong fervently bargained for his life, begging his predominately White captors to take his money or his diamond ring, desperately hoping they’d spare him of a gruesome fate in exchange for monetary gains. Instead of immunity, he received a bullet to the face, his frantic pleas silenced as blood gurgled from the wound in his mouth.

Moments later, he, along with at least 17 other Chinese men and boys, were hung from a makeshift gallows, a finger severed from his left hand. The ring, like his life, had been taken by a mob of approximately 500 men who shared one common sentiment: their frenzied hatred for the Chinese.