Survival of 3-year-old who slept through Thailand daycare massacre deemed a ‘miracle’

Survival of 3-year-old who slept through Thailand daycare massacre deemed a ‘miracle’
Ryan General
October 10, 2022
A toddler was left unscathed after sleeping through a horrific mass killing at a daycare center in the town of Uthai Sawan in Thailand last week. 
Three-year-old Paveenut Supolwong, nicknamed “Ammy,” was taking a nap inside a classroom on Thursday when a former police officer stormed the nursery and killed at least 36 people, including 24 children. 
Supolwong was the only child in the nursery to have escaped unharmed by 34-year-old Panya Khamrap, who wielded a knife and gun during his deadly rampage
According to her parents, Supolwong had a blanket covering her face as she was fast asleep in the corner of a classroom at the time of the attack.
After the killer fled, someone found her where she napped and carried her out with her eyes covered to protect her from the grisly sight of her classmates’ dead bodies.
Her 59-year-old grandfather told the BBC that the child had no idea what happened.
“She thought that her friends were still asleep,” he was quoted as saying. “A police officer covered her face with a cloth and carried her away from all the blood.”
Her parents shared that she appears to not remember anything about the tragedy. 
“I’m in shock,” said the child’s mother, Panompai Sithong. “I feel for other families… I’m glad that my kid survived. It’s a mixed feeling of sadness and gratitude.”
On Sunday, relatives and neighbors visited Supolwong’s home to dine and chat about the child’s survival, which many have dubbed a “miracle.” 
Authorities said 11 of the 22 children who Khamrap stabbed died in the classroom at the time Supolwong was napping. 
Her mother believes her daughter survived through protection from spirits.
“My kid is not a deep sleeper,” Sithong was quoted as saying. “I believe there must be some spirits covering her eyes and ears. We have different beliefs, but to me, I think it protected my kid.”
During Khamrap’s two-hour killing spree, he also drove his pickup truck directly into pedestrians and shot at neighbors. He ended the rampage by killing his wife, his stepson and himself.
Featured Image via The Sun
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