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Runner Under Fire After Allegedly Grabbing Woman’s Breast During Beijing Marathon

A runner from Zhejiang Province, China is now under fire after being caught on video seemingly grabbing a woman’s breast during the Beijing Marathon on Sunday.

In the very short, 3-second clip that’s been circulating in Chinese social media, the man, identified only as Chen, can be seen reaching out to his side as he run along with other contestants of the marathon. This action eventually led him to making contact with one woman around her chest area.

Runner Wins Marathon in China After Leading Runners Go the Wrong Way

In an unexpected turn of events, a Chinese Wuxi International Marathon runner in third place became a first-place finisher after the first two athletes ran to the wrong finish line.

Video from the annual marathon shows the two leading runners from Ethiopia, Gardisa Birhanu Shumie and Chala Lelisa Debele, missing a turn in the final 100 meters after more than 2 hours into the 26-mile race and jogging off-screen, putting their arms and head out thinking that they’ve won.