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Thailand nominates mango sticky rice for UNESCO heritage list after the dessert’s viral Coachella moment

  • After performing “Mirror Mirror” and “Sud Pang” at Coachella, Thai rapper Danupa “Milli” Kanateerakul ate mango sticky rice, a traditional Thai dessert, while still on stage.
  • A now-viral clip of her eating the dessert has sparked an interest in mango sticky rice online, with a hashtag of it trending on Twitter.
  • Milli is the first Thai solo artist to perform at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.
  • The director of Thailand’s Department of Cultural Promotion commended Milli for promoting the dish, announcing that it will be nominated on a UNESCO proposal to be recognized as a part of “Thailand’s intangible cultural heritage.”

Milli, a 19-year-old Thai rapper who performed at Coachella on Saturday, ignited international interest after eating Thai mango sticky rice on stage. 

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