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Macao’s Billionaire ‘King of Gambling’ Stanley Ho Passes Away at 98

Stanley Ho, nicknamed the “King of Gambling,” a multi-billionaire, philanthropist, and the force behind the world’s largest gambling empire with the best casino table games on the island of Macau, has died at 98.

“My father has passed away peacefully just now at around 1pm at Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital,” Ho’s daughter Pansy told reporters via BBC News.

Macau’s Weather Bureau Investigated For Delaying Typhoon Warning to Save Casinos Money

An investigation on Macau’s weather bureau over its management of last week’s deadly Typhoon Hato has been launched following reports that its failure to raise storm warnings on time was influenced by consideration of financial impact on the city’s gambling industry.

Typhoon Hato, believed to be the strongest in 53 years, took at least nine lives in Macau, the world’s biggest gambling hub, as of Friday, Fortune reported.

Hong Kong’s Mooncakes Found to Have High Levels of Cancer-Causing Chemical

A batch of this year’s mooncakes, the most popular Asian treat to eat during the Mid-Autumn Festival, might not be safe to consume after recent health tests.

Following Macau’s recall on mooncakes imported from Hong Kong, a health official from the region has stated that it plans to review safety limits for the carcinogen aflatoxin found in mooncakes. It was revealed that the region allows a higher level of the chemical in food than Macau.

What It’s Like to Be One of the 17 Children of Macau’s Richest Casino Billionaire

Macau, the extremely rich city famous for being one of the most major gambling centers in the world, has one man to thank for its opulence — Stanley Ho.

Ho is Macau’s richest billionaire who single-handedly built Macau’s gambling-based economy when he secured a government-granted monopoly on the casino industry which he held for 40 years. The 94-year-old is famously known as “The King of Gambling.”