What It’s Like to Be One of the 17 Children of Macau’s Richest Casino Billionaire

Macau, the extremely rich city famous for being one of the most major gambling centers in the world, has one man to thank for its opulence — Stanley Ho.
Ho is Macau’s richest billionaire who single-handedly built Macau’s gambling-based economy when he secured a government-granted monopoly on the casino industry which he held for 40 years. The 94-year-old is famously known as “The King of Gambling.”
Of course, billionaires need to have children to establish a dynasty — Ho had 17 children by a total of four women, the oldest child being 69 and the youngest being 17. 
When the billionaire patriarch suffered a stroke in July 2009, much of the control of his holding companies went to his older children.
Pansy Ho, the 53-year-old daughter of Ho’s second wife, serves as the co-chair of MGM China and managing director of her father’s most iconic firms, Shun Tak Holdings and the Sociedade de Turismo e Diversões de Macau. Today, Pansy Ho is the richest woman in Hong Kong with a net worth of at least $3.8 billion, according to Forbes.
Among his older children from his second wife is Josie Ho, 41, a singer and actress in Hong Kong, and billionaire Lawrence Ho, 40, who runs his own casino empire.
When it comes to Ho’s younger children, they aren’t like your typical rich kids. Their Instagram lives are relatively low-key and filled with family, friends and pets.
Ho had three children by his third “wife” (it is unclear if Ho actually married some of the women he refers to his wives), Ina Chan, a former nurse who cared for Ho’s second wife after a devastating car accident, beginning in 1989.
Chan’s first child, Florinda Ho, 26, may possibly have the cutest cat with the largest eyes in the world.


A video posted by Florinda Ho (@florindacw) on Jan 23, 2016 at 7:03am PST

One could safely assume her Instagram is devoted to her three adorable cats.
Besides her cats, her family is typically the main feature of her posts.
Chan then had twins, Laurinda and Orlando, who are both 24.
Like many of the other Ho children, the ever-suave Orlando was educated in the United States at Boston University.
He is frequently seen in a tux at many events and charitable galas like this where he is posing with Chinese model and actress Angelababy.
His twin sister, Laurinda, appears to be the most fashionable with her stunning dress, Louboutin heels and Jimmy Choo clutch.
When she’s not posing for the cameras, she practicing her intense looking aerial acrobatics…
Or going for a stroll with her Louis Vuitton backpack.
Ho’s most recent wife, entrepreneur and politician Angela Leong On Kei, gave birth to five more children also beginning in 1989. Unfortunately, there are only four left after one passed in 2004, according to The Wall Street Journal.
The children who post most often on social media are Sabrina, 26, and Mario, 21, siblings of Arnaldo, 23, and Alice, 17.
Sabrina currently works as the director and CEO of Poly Auction Macau Ltd.
When she’s not lounging in the pool with her brother, she posing in pictures with celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio…
Sabrina may still flaunt some nice things, however, like this Hermès Birkin bag, a gift from her mother.
Mario, who attends MIT, is occasionally featured on the Rich Kids of Hong Kong.
A European football fan, Mario travels around the world to watch games, pose with players, and hang out with his siblings.
He may even stop by Las Vegas to throw some bets with infamous Instagram playboy Dan Bilzerian
Or attend some of the most hyped up and exclusive boxing matches to root for Floyd Mayweather.
The 21-year-old Ho was dating Singaporean popstar Yumi Bai but is currently seeing Kim Lim, a billionaire heiress and Rich Kid of Singapore.
Even when you’re a rich kid, nothing is more valuable than family. Learn more about Stanley Ho HERE
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