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‘Young’ Chinese Streamer Revealed to Be a 58-Year-Old Auntie After Filter Glitches

Popular Chinese streamer known online as “Your Highness Qiao Biluo” on the live-streaming platform Douyu was recently unmasked by a technical glitch and viewers were shocked to discover that she was actually a 58-year-old auntie.

The vlogger was a popular game streamer in China that goes by the handle name of 乔碧萝殿下. But everything changed during a live-stream with another streamer known online as Qingzi on July 25, according to BBC.

Armless Woman Becomes an Online Sensation in China After Live-streaming Her Inspiring Life

An armless live-streamer is winning the hearts of many Chinese netizens for her inspirational life story and how she overcomes her condition.

Yang Li, who now has over 900,000 followers on Chinese social media, had a pretty severe high voltage wire accident when she was three, which resulted in her arms getting amputated, according to