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This Free Initiative is Helping Victims Fight Back Against COVID-19 Related Hate Crimes


A coalition of lawyers from the San Diego and Los Angeles counties have committed to providing free legal assistance to Asian American victims of harassment and discrimination.

On Wednesday, the People’s Alliance for Justice announced the creation of the Legal Aid Task Force, which offers pro bono legal representation to Asian Americans in civil rights discrimination cases, CBS8 reports.

The Lawyer Representing David Dao Against United is Apparently a Total Badass

The legal counsel representing Dr. David Dao, the passenger forced off a United Airlines flight on Sunday, is reportedly known as “the everyman’s lawyer.”

Thomas Demetrio, also known as “Tom,” made a name in the courts by getting involved in major lawsuits and winning millions of dollars in personal injury cases. He is the same attorney who represented former NFL and NHL players and their families in a concussion class action against the leagues, The Chicago Tribune wrote.

‘Severe Punishment’ of Human Rights Lawyer is China’s Best Achievement of 2016, Says Chief Justice

The jailing of defense lawyer Zhou Shifeng and his fellow human rights activists were among China’s top legal achievements in 2016, according to Chinese Supreme People’s Court Chief Justice Zhou Qiang.

In an annual work report submitted to the country’s rubber stamp legislature, Qiang commended the Chinese courts for the “severe punishment of the crime of endangering state security” on Sunday.

Respected Lawyer Gets Blackout Drunk Off Wine and Pills, Goes Crazy on Flight

On a US Airways flight carrying 267 passengers that departed from Charlotte, North Carolina, to London this week, a female lawyer in first class tried to unwind and sleep by taking Zaleplon, a prescribed drug for insomnia, and drinking three glasses of wine on an empty stomach after having refused dinner. That’s when she says she blacked out.

When she regained consciousness, she found herself being restrained and her flight, then in Nova Scotia, being diverted to Philadelphia, where several law enforcement officers were waiting to take her to the Tinicum Township Police Department for investigation.