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Lady Gaga is the Latest American Artist to Dip into K-Pop With BLACKPINK

Lady Gaga’s collaboration single with the mega-popular K-pop girl group BLACKPINK, titled “Sour Candy,” is now available online.

“Sour Candy” is a single from Lady Gaga’s latest “Chromatica” album released on Thursday, featuring both English and Korean lyrics. It is one of the three newly launched singles, including “Stupid Love” and “Rain On Me” featuring Ariana Grande, according to Vulture.

Chinese ‘Fashion Designer’ Who Became a Weibo Celebrity Cyberbullied for Her Unique Style

If you think Lady Gaga is weird, you should check out Wang Shou-Ying — otherwise known on Weibo as Fairy Wang — from Taian in Shangdong, China.

Fairy Wang became a superstar in Chinese social media via the micro blogging platform Weibo in a matter of weeks back in 2014. According to Daily Mail, she amassed over 72,000 followers in just 42 days.

Lady Gaga is Now Banned in China

Lady Gaga has reportedly been banned in China following her meeting with the Dalai Lama at the United States Conference of Mayors in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

The meeting was broadcasted via Facebook live where they talked about compassion, mediation, yoga and more. Since then, websites in China have been ordered to stop uploading or distributing her songs. Government-run media outlets were also ordered to criticize the meeting and say negative things about the Dalai Lama.