Chinese ‘Fashion Designer’ Who Became a Weibo Celebrity Cyberbullied for Her Unique Style

Chinese ‘Fashion Designer’ Who Became a Weibo Celebrity Cyberbullied for Her Unique Style
Bryan Ke
September 13, 2017
If you think Lady Gaga is weird, you should check out Wang Shou-Ying — otherwise known on Weibo as Fairy Wang — from Taian in Shangdong, China.
Fairy Wang became a superstar in Chinese social media via the micro blogging platform Weibo in a matter of weeks back in 2014. According to Daily Mail, she amassed over 72,000 followers in just 42 days.
Most online “celebrities” get their fame from doing what they love, such as singing, vlogging, dancing – you name it. Fairy Wang, however, is more into the fashion genre – the weird kind that would surely make Lady Gaga proud.
She mostly uses everyday household items as her art pieces and converts them into fashionable outfits. But just like any other person who rose to fame, she, too, became a victim of cyber-bullying.
Many reporters felt that her story deserved as much attention as her wacky creations. “I think my life is very rich,” she told Xinhua News via What’s On Weibo.
“I can do what I love to do, which is creating. When I am creating fashion, it is as if I am beyond myself. I once heard that professional actors can get so immersed in a role that they feel as if another spirit has entered their bodies. I also feel like that when I am creating.”
The cyber-bullying hasn’t deterred her from doing what she loves, as Fairy Wang still continues to charm everyone with her out-of-the-box creativity – her courage to stand up to modern day art. In fact, even filmmaker Rongfei Guo noticed her talent and befriended her. She even accompanied Fairy to her very first fashion show and into Shanghai’s fashion scene.
She’s also tried her hand at cosplay, recreating the looks of famous Chinese fictional characters on television.
Fairy Wang also makes costumes for men, and they’re just as insanely unique as the costumes she dons.
Her creativity seems to know no bounds, as Fairy also dresses up her dolls to match her looks.
What do you think? Haute couture or garbage day? Let us know in the comments!
Feature Image via Weibo
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