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What We Know About the Sentinelese, the 60,000-Year-Old Tribe That K‌ill‌e‌d an American Evangelist

The d‌ea‌t‌h of an Asian American evangelist at the hands of a primitive tribe a little more than a week ago raised awareness about how some uncontacted peoples perceive the outside world.

The tribe, referred to as the Sentinelese, is an indigenous collective of at least 15 members living in North Sentinel Island, one of the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal.

Taiwanese Boy’s Dying Words to His Mom After Being Hit By a Truck are Heartbreaking

Mom it hurts,” these are the final words of the 11-year-old student to his mother after he was accidentally hit by a speeding truck in Taoyuan, Taiwan, on November 24 right before he was rushed to the hospital where succumbed to his injuries.

The boy, whose name has been left out of the reports, was on his way to cram school when the tragic accident happened, according to Taiwanese media TVBS via Taiwan News. He was supposed to be picked up by his cram school teacher, but for reasons unknown, the teacher did not show up to accompany the 4th grade student to the destination.

‘Good Samaritan’ Filipino Grab Driver Killed By Passengers Trying to Steal His Car

Gerardo Amolato Maquidato Jr., a Grab driver from the Philippines who was dubbed by citizens as a “good samaritan,” was recently killed by carnappers posed as legitimate passengers on October 26. The app-based service is now working closely with the Philippine National Police – Highway Patrol Group to apprehended the suspects.

His death was brought to the public’s attention by his nephew, Rex Mer Solitario, through Facebook on Saturday morning, according to CNN Philippines.