Taiwanese Boy’s Dying Words to His Mom After Being Hit By a Truck are Heartbreaking

Taiwanese Boy’s Dying Words to His Mom After Being Hit By a Truck are Heartbreaking
Bryan Ke
By Bryan Ke
November 30, 2017
Mom it hurts,” these are the final words of the 11-year-old student to his mother after he was accidentally hit by a speeding truck in Taoyuan, Taiwan, on November 24 right before he was rushed to the hospital where succumbed to his injuries.
The boy, whose name has been left out of the reports, was on his way to cram school when the tragic accident happened, according to Taiwanese media TVBS via Taiwan News. He was supposed to be picked up by his cram school teacher, but for reasons unknown, the teacher did not show up to accompany the 4th grade student to the destination.
Image Central News Agency via Taiwan News
It was said on the report that the boy got into the accident halfway through his walk to the cram school. No official confirmation yet but it was speculated that the boy was anxious at the time and was in an extreme hurry to get to the institution as quickly as possible. The distance between the two establishments – his school and the cram school – is 350 meters, which takes about five minutes to walk.
CCTV footage posted by TVBS News on YouTube showed how the boy was running down the edge of the street. In a split second, the boy suddenly decided to run straight into the middle of the street and cross without looking for oncoming vehicle.

Unfortunately, the speeding blue delivery truck driver, 25-year-old man surnamed Chen, was not fast enough to dodge the crossing child. The boy was fatally hit by the vehicle that left him lying on the pavement.
Image Central News Agency via Taiwan News
However, in a rather bizarre twist, his parents just happened to be walking on the street where he was hit – right at the time of the accident. The mother, who recognized the child who was lying on the floor is her son, quickly rushed to his side and held him. Before he was rushed to the nearest hospital, the boy uttered to his mother: “Mom it hurts.
The infuriated mother confronted the cram school’s management for neglecting to pick up his child, but sadly, the only explanation that the institution gave to her was that they only offer the service to students who are on grades 1 through 3. However, she did not find this explanation to be quite reasonable, considering that the cram school is already offering the same service to the boy who already in 4th grade.
As for the driver’s fate, police did not find alcohol in the man’s system during the accident. He is now looking to face charges for negligent homicide.
Featured image via Central News Agency / Taiwan News
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