Indonesian teen killed after attempting TikTok challenge in which users jump in front of moving trucks

Indonesian teen killed after attempting TikTok challenge in which users jump in front of moving trucks
Michelle De Pacina
June 7, 2022
An Indonesian teen was instantly killed after attempting a dangerous TikTok challenge that dares users to jump in front of moving trucks.
The challenge is known as the “Malaikat Maut” — which translates to “Angel of Death” — challenge because its takers “challenge” death by putting themselves in serious harm’s way, in the form of a speeding truck, in the hopes that the vehicles stop.
Three teenage boys attempted the challenge in Tangerang City, Banten, on June 3.
While two of the boys managed to get away from the fast-moving vehicle, an 18-year-old was hit by the eight-wheel truck. He rolled under the vehicle and was instantly killed, according to a tweet by the official Twitter account of Tangerang City. 
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The truck driver and the two teenagers who survived the challenge were detained for questioning by the Karawaci Police. 
In a separate attempt at the challenge, a 14-year-old boy also failed to jump out of a moving truck’s direction and collided head-on with the vehicle in Bandung, West Java, on June 2. 
The teen, who is currently hospitalized, suffers from a fractured skull and shattered teeth.
The police are currently locating the truck driver who fled the scene after the incident. The driver faces hit-and-run charges. 
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The “Angel of Death” TikTok challenge started in 2021 and has since influenced viewers to attempt the reckless act. 
In July 11, 2021, a 13-year-old boy was killed and three others were injured when a group of eight teenagers attempted the challenge in North Cikarang, Bekasi Regency. 
Authorities have urged TikTok users to stop making content that endangers their lives in the pursuit of social media fame; however, the warning has not stopped some individuals.
“Psychologically, these teenagers are looking for self-identity. So they will look for a place to show their existence,” psychologist Rose Mini Agoes Salim told Kompas last year, noting the need for parents to understand why teenagers participate in dangerous challenges. 
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