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Markiplier says his ‘ungodly’ $38 million annual income from YouTube feels ‘unfair’

  • YouTuber Markiplier admitted to Logan Paul that he makes “an ungodly amount of money, and it feels unfair.”
  • Markiplier joined Paul during a recent episode of the podcast “IMPAULSIVE” and talked about his YouTube career and health.
  • “I'm open to talk about it because it just seems like such a cheat of the system to be able to have this much success, when really all I want to do is make content and inspire others to make content,” the 33-year-old YouTuber, who is of Korean descent, tells Paul. “But at the same time, it's something I can't deny, because to deny it would be a hypocritical thing to do."
  • In a January report, Forbes listed Markiplier as the world’s third-highest-earning YouTuber, with MrBeast taking the top spot and Paul's brother, Jake Paul, in second place.
  • Nielsen’s 2020 Asian American Report also listed Markiplier as one of the two highest-earning Asian American content creators on YouTube at the time alongside Evan Fong, also known as VanossGaming.

Markiplier, one of YouTube’s highest-earning content creators, admitted that the “ungodly amount” of money he earns, which sits at around $38 million annually, “feels unfair.”

Markiplier, whose real name is Mark Fischbach, joined Logan Paul during a recent episode of the podcast “Impaulsive” to talk about his YouTube career and health.

Jake Paul says he struggled with suicidal thoughts after his brother Logan’s ‘suicide forest’ controversy

Jake Paul Struggles with Suicidal Ideation

YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul has recently opened up about the struggles he faced during the height of Logan Paul’s controversial Aokigahara forest (famously known as the “suicide forest”) video, revealing that he was also affected by the backlash.

In a dark place: Speaking to journalist Graham Bensinger on Wednesday, Paul, 24, revealed he lost many brand deals — including a $10 million deal with Target —  despite not being in his brother’s video. 

Vine Star Logan Paul Keeps Targeting Asians With Extremely Racist Jokes

Logan Paul is known for his comedic videos on YouTube and Vine (RIP) but nobody is laughing after seemingly racist comments from the social media star recently surfaced.

A series of Twitter posts made by the 22-year-old actor and rumored boyfriend of Chloe Bennet — who has recently been criticized for changing her last name from Wang — from the past couple of years have been unearthed by netizens.