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Man Accused of Attempting to Sexually Assault ‘White’ Woman in Response to Anti-Asian Crimes


An Asian man accused of kidnapping and attempting to sexually assault an Asian woman because he thought she was white has been arrested and charged in Irvine, California last week.

Michael Sangbong Rhee, 37, of Lake Forest, allegedly targeted the victim while she was sitting in her car in the area of Harvard Avenue and Coronado Street around 1:30 p.m. on April 8.

Visiting Korean Students Allegedly Detained, Sent Back Home After Landing at LAX

South Korean students heading for a short-term immersion program on artificial intelligence in Irvine, California were allegedly detained and forced back to their home country after landing at LAX, according to the organizers of the experience.

Designed to expose learners to a different perspective, the program, now in its fourth year, expected a total of 59 students, educational nonprofit PeopleSpace said.