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Iranian Woman Sets Herself on Fire Over Fear of Jail For Going to a Soccer Game

An Iranian woman, known as “Blue Girl,” who set herself on fire to allegedly protest the jail sentence she received for attempting to watch a football game, also suffered from bipolar disorder, according to her family.

Sahar Khodayari, 29, passed away at a hospital in Tehran on Sept. 9, a week after setting herself ablaze in front of a court in the Iranian capital.

TV Broadcaster in Iran F‌i‌r‌e‌d After Playing Unc‌‌e‌n‌‌so‌‌r‌ed Jackie Chan S‌e‌x S‌c‌e‌n‌e

An u‌nc‌‌en‌‌‌so‌‌re‌d s‌‌e‌‌x s‌c‌e‌n‌e from a Jackie Chan film, “Shinjuku Incident” (2009), cost a regional head of the Islamic Republic of Iranian Broadcasting (IRIB) his job. 

Despite tight c‌e‌nso‌rship rules, the rau‌nc‌h‌‌y scene aired all over the country’s Kish Island on Monday, sh‌o‌ck‌ing viewers who are not even permitted to see men and women shake hands on TV.

Chinese-Born American Jailed in Iran for Allegedly Being a U.S. Spy

A Chinese-born American graduate student at Princeton University, who was arrested in Iran last year on allegations of espionage, has been convicted and sentenced to 10 years in jail.

Xiyue Wang was conducting research on the Qajar dynasty for his Ph.D. in August 2016 when he was arrested. The 37-year-old was said to be merely looking into the cultural history of Iran as his field of study of late 19th and 20th-century Eurasian history, according to The Guardian.

Iran Becomes the First Country to Completely Ban Pokémon Go

Iran is the first country to officially ban Pokémon Go for unspecified “security concerns.” The decision was made by the country’s High Council of Virtual Spaces, the body responsible for overseeing the nation’s online activity.

Iranian officials reportedly contacted Niantic Inc. developers before placing the nationwide ban last week. According to The Guardian, Pokémon Go may not have been banned had the game’s creators accommodated Iranian officials’ requests. Authorities wanted data servers transferred inside the country and certain locations in the game excluded, citing security reasons.