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Chinese State Media Promotes American ‘Journalist’ Who Asks Protesters How Democracy Elected Hitler

Jaron Lines

An American journalist was promoted by Chinese state media People’s Daily for his “coverage” of the Hong Kong protests, asking protesters about democracy and how Adolf Hitler was put into power by the same form of government.

Jaron Lines, a self-described “documentarian, independent investigative journalist, and diehard researcher” from the U.S., asked a protester in Hong Kong about their demands for democracy, Shanghaiist reported.

U.S. House Passes First Bills Supporting Hong Kong Protesters

The U.S. House of Representatives has passed a series of bills in support of Hong Kong protesters. The bills require Washington to determine whether political developments in Hong Kong would justify its treatment of the city as a separate trading entity from mainland China and opens doors to sanctions for those who violate internationally recognized human rights, among other actions supporting protesters.

Known as the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act of 2019, it is expected to pass the Senate, where it currently rests on a bipartisan co-sponsorship of 25 senators.

Hong Kong Airport Shut Down for 2nd Day as Police Ordered to Clear Protesters Out

Travelers hoping to leave Hong Kong remained stuck in the city as departure flights were canceled for a second consecutive day amid escalating protests against the government.

From early Tuesday, demonstrators occupied the terminal building of Hong Kong International Airport, blocking passengers attempting to advance from the departure level to immigration checkpoints.