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Chinese Teen Scratches Rich Guy’s BMW, Does Exactly What We’d Expect

A simple act of honesty helped a 17-year-old high school student in China turn a rather unfortunate incident into a rewarding one.

Working student Chen Yifan had just delivered food to a customer when he got another request via a phone call to make another delivery. However, as he was answering the call, he inadvertently hit and scratched a BMW car at a busy street in Zhengzhou, China.

Filipino Cab Driver Gets Surprise of a Lifetime For One Simple Act of Honesty

An honest taxi driver from the Philippines received a humbling reward after simply returning the belongings of his foreign passenger.

Thirty-year-old taxi Reggie Cabututan is a taxi driver from Baguio City, Philippines. Although he is originally from La Union, which is more than an hour away from Baguio, he travels to the tourist destination everyday as a cab driver in order to support his wife and four children.

Study Finds That Chinese People are the Most Dishonest, Japanese and British the Least

Chinese people were found to be the most dishonest and British people the least dishonest in a new study on truthfulness involving several countries.

A researcher from the University of East Anglia recruited more than 1,500 people from 15 countries to take an online survey involving two experiments designed to measure honesty to determine whether the trait varied between countries.