Chinese Teen Scratches Rich Guy’s BMW, Does Exactly What We’d Expect

Chinese Teen Scratches Rich Guy’s BMW, Does Exactly What We’d ExpectChinese Teen Scratches Rich Guy’s BMW, Does Exactly What We’d Expect
A simple act of honesty helped a 17-year-old high school student in China turn a rather unfortunate incident into a rewarding one.
Working student Chen Yifan had just delivered food to a customer when he got another request via a phone call to make another delivery. However, as he was answering the call, he inadvertently hit and scratched a BMW car at a busy street in Zhengzhou, China.
“I just finished delivering ordered food,” Chen told CCTV. “On the way back, I had a call from the shop assistant who was asking me to make another delivery. When I was answering the call, accidentally I hit the car.”
While the high school sophomore proceeded with his next delivery, he immediately went back to the site of the accident to make up for his error.
“I drove back to the shop first and finished the delivery,” Chen narrated. “Then, I wrote an apology letter and headed back to the accident site.”
Xue Zhanmin, the owner of the BMW, would discover the note attached to his car door the next day while he was investigating the damage, along with 311 yuan ($45) in cash.
The note read: “Uncle, I’m sorry. I accidentally bumped into your car last night when I was driving an electric tricycle. I have all together over 300 yuan ($44), and give it to you as a compensation. I know the money was not enough, but that’s all the money I have. I feel really sorry for the accident.”
The BMW owner was touched by the teenager’s honesty so he asked a police officer to help him find Chen. He was able to find the honest delivery boy after the story found its way to the local news.
Xue decided to return Chen’s money and give him 10,000 yuan ($1,453) to reward him for his honesty.
“I wanted to return all the 311 yuan and I wanted to give him some financial support,” Xue said.
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