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Racist, homophobic flyers target Asian American San Francisco Supervisor Gordon Mar

gordon mar
  • San Francisco District 4’s Supervisor Gordon Mar was recently targeted with a series of racist and homophobic flyers pasted over his re-election campaign posters.
  • “Over the weekend and under the cover of darkness, someone decided to paste these flyers over our window signs in small businesses across the Sunset,” Mar wrote in a Twitter thread that included images of the flyers.
  • One flyer called Mar a "communist" and "pedophile," while another claimed he stood for "more drugs" and "more homelessness" and accused him of "grooming children" and giving "free money to crackheads." Another line from the flyer said, “Kick out the Chinese, bring in Gangs.”
  • Mar said the hateful flyers resembled those which appeared in his district last year after he supported efforts to bring affordable housing to the Sunset District for low-income families.
  • According to Mar, the owners of the establishments where the flyers were posted were already reviewing and forwarding surveillance video to local authorities.
  • He also said that the incident will not deter him from being “a voice for progress, for queer & trans equality, affordable housing, compassionate solutions to homelessness, & for moving forward.”

A San Francisco official running for re-election was recently targeted with a series of racist and homophobic flyers pasted over his campaign posters. 

Supervisor Gordon Mar, a Chinese American currently serving San Francisco’s District 4, shared images of the flyers via a Twitter thread on Tuesday.

Tucker Carlson guest: Military doesn’t need women or gays, just men who want ‘throne of Chinese skulls’

Jesse Kelly Tucker Carlson

After appearing on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” conservative radio talk show host Jesse Kelly is now under fire for controversial comments deemed by critics as racist, sexist and homophobic.

How it started: Carlson took a swing at Adm. Christopher Grady, who was appointed vice-chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on Dec. 17. Carlson addressed Grady’s claim that he would “value working with the military’s gender advisors if confirmed,” according to Rolling Stone.

American Man Spews Racist, Misogynistic and Homophobic Rant at Unsuspecting Thai Locals

Daniel Franckowiak

An American tourist was arrested in Thailand after spewing hate speech towards locals and allegedly damaging a restaurant’s property.

Daniel Franckowiak, who came all the way from Bismarck, North Dakota was reportedly charged with criminal damage on Nov. 5 shortly after being caught in his unhinged meltdown that has since gone viral on social media.

Chinese-British Man Brutally Attacked in London for Being Gay

A brutal homophobic attack left one Chinese-British gay man unable to walk after his leg was shattered in four different places.

Chris Ver-Haest said his life has been altered since he was violently attacked by 29-year-old Kamil Wladyslaw Snios in London back in July. Ver-Haest, 29, told Buzzfeed that he was forced to cancel plans to move to Spain due to his injury and so he could testify against his attacker in court. Months later, he is still unable to walk and is currently undergoing physiotherapy.

Hong Kong Group Wants to Ban ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Over ‘Gay Moment’

Censors in Hong Kong are the latest group to express disapproval of the “exclusively gay moment” in the live-action remake of Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”, which is now out in theaters.

The anti-gay Family School Sodo (Sexual Orientation Discrimination Ordinance) Concern Group isn’t happy that the film was rated as suitable for all ages to view, writing a letter to the Office for Film, Newspaper and Article Administration criticizing the “gay-related behavior or lifestyle” in a scene involving two male characters dancing together at a ball.

Disney Refuses to Cut ‘Gay Moment’ in ‘Beauty and the Beast’ For Malaysia

Disney has defended its remake of “Beauty and the Beast” by indefinitely pulling the film from theaters in Malaysia instead of cutting scenes involving an “exclusively gay moment” between two characters.

The live-action remake of the 1991 animated musical, which opens March 17, received a P13 rating from Malaysia’s Film Censorship Board after a request to edit out four and a half minutes of footage, Abdul Halim Abdul Hamid, the film board chairman, told Bloomberg News in a text message.

Taiwanese Woman Says Gays ‘Should Be Treated as Patients’, Surprised She Lost Her Job

Shan Ju Lin, a homophobic Taiwanese-Australian MP candidate, was dropped from the One Nation party on Saturday after describing LGBT people as “abnormal” and suggested they “should be treated as patients” in a Facebook rant.

In a now-deleted post, the Taiwanese Australian shared a 2015 article on Friday about a U.K. couple who faced trial for allegedly raping their adopted sons.