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Canada-born goalie for Team China reveals she is prohibited from speaking English in interviews

Kimberly Newell
  • Canadian-born Zhou Jiaying, who is playing for the Chinese Olympic women’s ice hockey team, revealed that she is prohibited from speaking English in interviews after an aide helped translate Zhou’s answers intoEnglish during a post-match press briefing.
  • Originally known as Kimberly Newell in Canada, Zhou adopted a Chinese name after being recruited to play for the Chinese national team at the Beijing Olympics.
  • During matches, Zhou wears a specially designed goalie mask, pads and blocker emblazoned with dragons.

Canadian-born Zhou Jiaying, the goalie for the Chinese Olympic women’s ice hockey team, was reportedly prohibited from speaking English during a post-match press briefing at Wukesong Sports Center on Sunday. 

The 26-year-old athlete was asked by a reporter during the interview if she could take a few questions in English, Reuters reported. 

Canadian hockey organization ends suspension of player who stood up for teammate called anti-Asian slur

  • A hockey player used an anti-Asian slur toward an opponent on Dec. 17, leading to a two-game suspension.
  • Keegan Mitchell, who stood up for his teammate and slashed the offending player’s legs, was also reprimanded with a two-game suspension.
  • Mitchell took to social media to criticize the governing body, Hockey P.E.I., which then suspended him indefinitely.
  • On Wednesday, the organization apologized for “errors” in its management of the case, revoked Mitchell’s suspension and extended the offending player’s to five games.

Hockey P.E.I., the governing body for organized hockey in the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island, is attempting to correct its mishandling of an incident in which a player used an anti-Asian slur during a game last month.

The incident, which led to the suspension of the offending player, occurred during a Junior B league game between the Kensington Vipers and Sherwood Metros on Dec. 17, according to CBC News.

Former Hockey Player Blames ‘Dumb Ch*nks’ Because He’s Bored in Quarantine

A former hockey player has sparked outrage with a racist post uploaded to Snapchat using slurs to voice his boredom while under quarantine. 

On Wednesday, social media users shared a post from Cole Borchardt, 23, who posted a selfie with the caption, “Honestly hate how this country is quarantined nothing to do because of the dumb ch*nks f*ck em,” accompanied with an emoji. 

San Jose Sharks Fan Catches Hockey Puck Like a Ninja Using Her Chest


It’s not easy holding a phone to your ear with one hand and catching a hockey puck with the other, but that’s what one San Jose Sharks fan did before the team’s victory against the New York Islanders on Saturday.

Diana Hsaio was looking for her friend near the protective glass when ice hockey player and Sharks captain Joe Pavelski tossed a puck into the stands during warmups.

The First Player to Break the NHL’s Color Barrier Dies at Age 94

Chinese-Canadian Larry Kwong, the first person of color to play in the NHL, has died peacefully in Calgary, Canada at the age of 94.

Kwong was born on June 17, 1923 in Vernon, British Columbia, Canada. He and his family, like other Chinese-Canadians at the time, faced racial segregation, including being barred from voting. But as a child, that didn’t bother Kwong much — he was just interested in playing hockey on the frozen pond near his home, despite discrimination, and tuned in on the radio every Saturday night to listen to the hockey game.

Watch One Guy Try To Beat Up China’s Entire Professional Hockey Team

China’s new hockey squad called the Beijing Kunlun Red Stars was hoping to test its mettle against international teams when it hosted an exhibition match against Kazakhstan’s Barys Astana on Monday.

The match was a preseason game for the Kontinental Hockey League where the Red Stars were recently admitted. Joining the prominent league is seen as part of the country’s preparation for the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022.