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New Poll Reveals How Many Asian Americans Actually Voted For Trump

The results of recently released exit polls from the 2016 election has revealed that the vast majority of Asian American’s voted for Hillary Clinton, signaling Trump’s loss of the fastest growing minority base in the country.

One poll, the National Exit Poll, was funded by major national media organizations and conducted by Edison Research. The polling firm asked American voters, around 1,00o of whom were Asian Americans, on their voting and political party preferences, revealing that Clinton earned a dominating 65% of the Asian vote while Trump garnered 27%.

Chinese Youth are Watching the 2016 Presidential Election Like It’s Game of Thrones

China’s youth have become so fascinated with the United States presidential election that many have even decided to watch the whole thing in person.

According to Youngstown, Ohio’s 21 WFMJ, the American election has become so popular that 23 students from Taiwan and China traveled all the way to the U.S. so they can experience the event for themselves.

Hillary Clinton’s Website is Now Selling $30 Pantsuit Tees

Hillary Clinton’s new website selling Clinton-emblazoned novelty campaign items is now open.

On the site — which proudly urges visitors, “Kick off campaign season in style! Show your support for Hillary wherever you go” — one item that’s now trending is a T-shirt design that resembles those fake tuxedo T-shirts that are kind of funny but which you’d probably never wear in public.