Chinese Youth are Watching the 2016 Presidential Election Like It’s Game of Thrones

China’s youth have become so fascinated with the United States presidential election that many have even decided to watch the whole thing in person.
According to Youngstown, Ohio’s 21 WFMJ, the American election has become so popular that 23 students from Taiwan and China traveled all the way to the U.S. so they can experience the event for themselves. News weather sports for Youngstown-Warren Ohio
Their itinerary included their attendance at the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, studying political science at YSU, and other election-related activities.
The students have expressed admiration for both Clinton and Trump, with some admitting that they have their own favorites.
“Hillary, Hillary is my idol for many years,” a visiting student told 21 WFMJ.
“I think Trump is a successful businessman,” said another.
“Clinton is my idol but I would choose Trump. because he has many (inaudible) so he can do some government business,” said Dong Min.
“I would like to support Hillary because I heard that trump is distinguished in many fields for example he is distinguished to immigrants and racial,” said Virginia Fang.
“Trump talks a lot about China. China is a big part of our politics, international relations, trade. all these things. So, having students from China and Taiwan here to see how they’re taking this is fascinating,” YSU professor Dr. Paul Sracic told  21 WFMJ.
Having a different political culture at home, the Chinese visitors claimed that the US election of 2016 is an experience they’ll never forget.
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