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I Got Prescription Glasses For My Asian Face in Under 30 Minutes

asian glasses

People of Asian descent have historically had a hard time finding glasses that fit them. Why? Because most of us have narrow and/or low nose bridges and other different facial features compared to other ethnic groups.

“Asian individuals tend to have more of a flatter face with the cheekbones very projected compared to the typical European,” Mark Hubbe, assistant professor of anthropology at Ohio State University, told QZ in 2013.

Ali Wong Has a Brilliant Hack For Why Her Glasses Always Look So Good

We can all agree that Ali Wong is one of the most brilliant comedians out there, but we were all probably surprised after learning that she’s also one of the most epic life-hackers – specifically speaking, the secret behind the iconic glasses she always wears in her stand-up and series/movies.

It turns out, most – if not all – of Wong’s glasses are actually sunglasses that she converted into prescription glasses, according to BuzzFeed. I know!