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‘BoJack Horseman’ Creator Finally Talks About the Problem With Whitewashing in Cartoons

Earlier this week, Indiewire discussed an often overlooked problem in animation: Whitewashing. Certainly the topic has been broached many a time in Hollywood, such as in the cases of “Ghost in the Shell” and “Aloha”, but animation is a different beast.

Whitewashing in film is easy enough to spot — if the character was originally a POC but ultimately was portrayed by a White person, Whitewashing has occurred. And while writers and producers will bend over backwards to change a story that allows for a White actor to maintain that role, such as rewriting their origins or erasing them entirely, it doesn’t change the fact that it happened.

Taylor Swift’s New Music Video Uses Whitewashed ‘Ghost in the Shell’ and People Are Pissed

Taylor Swift look what you made me do

Taylor Swift has come under fire for her soon-to-be-released music video for her song “…Ready For It” and its likeness to the Hollywood flop, “Ghost in the Shell”. The songstress posted a teaser clip to her Instagram on Monday, racking up over two million views in just two days.

…Ready For It? Official Music Video out Thursday night. #ReadyForItMusicVideo

Natalie Portman’s Character in New Film ‘Annihilation’ Was Originally of Asian Descent

Annihilation“, the popular first book of Jeff Vandermeer’s Southern Reach Trilogy, is receiving the Hollywood treatment — complete with Whitewashing the main character, a person of Asian descent. Natalie Portman has been cast to play the lead role, the Biologist, instead of a mixed-race Asian person, as described in the book.

Vandermeer’s novels, while lauded and praised for their captivating story line, faced an interesting challenge during its big screen adaptation; none of the characters are ever referred to by their names, choosing their professions instead. In order to uncover any distinguishing features about the characters, readers have to carefully pay attention to every single sentence, as clues about their backgrounds may be hidden in unassuming places.

Paramount Forced to Admit That Whitewashing Made ‘Ghost in the Shell’ a Disaster

As many have probably heard by now, like the other whitewashed anime adaptations that have come before it, “Ghost in the Shell”, starring Scarlett Johansson, bombed at the box office.

It tanked so miserably that, less than a week from its opening, a Paramount executive was forced to face the obvious: the movie was dead on arrival because of the film’s whitewashing controversy.

Why ‘Ghost in the Shell’ is an Amazing Film and Bitter Asians Should Stop Crying

There’s been so much controversy surrounding around “Ghost in the Shell” this year regarding Hollywood whitewashing. Despite some people who think the cast choice is completely fine, there are a fair number of people in the Asian American community who are extremely upset.

However, being the open-minded person I am, I decided to give the Hollywood the benefit of the doubt and saw the movie myself on opening day yesterday. Long story short: it was honestly probably the best Asian film this year.

‘Ghost In The Shell’ Tries Making a Viral Meme, Severely Backfires

What appears to be Paramount Pictures’ final marketing stunt to win moviegoers on “Ghost In The Shell” has been hijacked y the internet to protest against the film once more.

Paramount launched image generation website this weekend. It was first introduced in a 30-second ad featuring lead actor Scarlett Johansson, who says, “I am hunted. I am the hunter. I am fearless. I am coming for them. I am Major.”

One Video Perfectly Sums Up The Disastrous Affects of Hollywood Whitewashing

Scarlett Johansson’s casting in “Ghost In The Shell” has certainly brought the idea of Hollywood whitewashing back to everybody’s consciousness, whether or not you agree the film was indeed whitewashed. But what does the phenomenon really do to people?

Last week, with less than a month before the film’s release, a video that captures the heartbreaking effects of whitewashing was posted online. Titled “Ghost In The Shell PSA,” it focuses on a young Asian girl struggling to find characters who look like her at a comic book store.

One Part in the ‘Ghost in the Shell’ Trailer is Seriously Irking Japanese People

There has been a lot of criticism on the live-action ‘Ghost in the Shell’ film, the worst being the bastardization of Japanese culture all thanks to Hollywood’s whitewashing of a Japanese story.

While the first trailer for the film debuted last November, it wasn’t until recently that one fan noticed a particular detail that also carried on into the second trailer, along with some added special effects.

Scarlett Johansson Still Has No Clue Why Asians Are Upset She’s in ‘Ghost in the Shell’

In the wake of controversy surrounding Scarlett Johansson’s casting in “Ghost In The Shell”, the actress herself spoke to clarify her position against allegations of “whitewashing.”

The live-action movie adapted from the popular manga drew flak when its first trailer was released. Simply put, some could not accept the fact that a white actress was chosen to play an originally Asian lead role.