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Mongolia’s Women are Too Smart and Successful, Have Trouble Finding Suitable Husbands

Mongolia’s ever-growing “reverse gender gap” has resulted in many educated women complaining that there is a shortage of eligible men.

Caused by the efforts of local parents to prioritize investing in their daughters’ education over their sons, the phenomenon is almost uniquely Mongolian as it is the complete opposite of what is happening in many patriarchal countries.

Shanghai Company Launches Textbook to Make Chinese Boys More Manly

In an apparent effort to keep the Chinese male students more masculine, a Shanghai-based publishing company has released a textbook especially designed for primary school boys in China.

According to China Daily (via Shanghaist), the book called Xiaoxiao Nanzihan or “Little Man” was recently launched to help change “the tendency of male students to lack masculinity, and be outperformed and overshadowed by girls at primary and secondary schools.”