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Meet an Ex-Member of One of the Most Violent Chinese-American Gangs in the U.S.

China Mac is a Chinese-American, Brooklyn-born rapper and former gang member who was released from jail last year after serving an 11-year prison sentence for shooting — and partially paralyzing — fellow rapper Christopher Louie back in 2003.

Mac, whose real name is Raymond Yu, did not have the typical upbringing. His father was part of the Flying Dragons, a well-known and extremely violent Chinese American gang that was heavily active in the ‘80s for murders, kidnapping and drug trafficking.

Fugitive Gangster Turned Model and Rap Champion Arrested in Sexy Photoshoot Sting

This is the story of a gangster slash fugitive slash male model slash rap battle champion who was, in his own eyes, the most baller underground hustler there is — until he got arrested in the most un-ballerest of ways: the old luxury-swim-trunks-with-sexy-models-photoshoot sting.

Meet 30-year-old British gangster millionaire Ben Fiberesima, who on the streets (and in Australia) is known as Roky Million.