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Stockton Gangs Investigation Leads to 34 Arrests, Including 2 Asian American Rappers

A five-month investigation into the criminal activities of Stockton, California gangs, including the Asian Boyz and Asian Crips, resulted in 34 arrests and the seizure of 38 firearms, police announced on Thursday.

Investigators in “Operation Criptonyte,” which started in June as a result of increased violent crime in Stockton, authored 55 search warrants and seized about $40,000 as well as 1 pound of cocaine, 5 pounds of methamphetamine, 1,300 ecstasy pills, and “an abundance of marijuana,” according to a statement by the Stockton Police Department.

Meet Japan’s Sch‌oo‌lg‌irl G‌‌an‌‌‌g‌s of the 70s That Became a Menace to Patriarchy

Nearly 50 years ago, Japan’s schoolgirl ga‌‌n‌‌gs known as the “sukeban” successfully defied the immaculate image of the Japanese sch‌oo‌l gi‌rl.

The subculture of sukeban (loosely translated as the slang “girlboss”) emerged in the late 1960s and persisted throughout the 70s in Japan. While the term itself mainly refers to the female g‌a‌n‌g leader of all-girl gangs, it has eventually become attributed to the massive movement itself that brought girls at the forefront at a time when men of the Ya‌ku‌za were also thriving.

Chinese Police Bust Gang With Over $7 Million Worth of Fake Condoms

fake condoms

A gang in China has been arrested by local authorities for manufacturing and selling fake condoms.
Cangnan police, which spearheaded the investigation and raid, seized over 500,000 boxes of the fake condom merchandise valued at 50 million yuan ($7 Million).

According to state media, the condoms were sold to hotels, supermarkets, and vending machine operators in central and eastern China under the label of international brands such as Durex and Okamoto.

Policeman Goes Undercover With Triads For 11 Months, Arrests 299 Gang Members

Earning the trust of notorious gang leaders is no easy task, especially when they’re part of the oldest crime syndicate in Hong Kong, such as the Wo Shing Wo triad.

But one undercover police officer had to take on a false identity of a vulgar thug in order to infiltrate the notorious organized crime group, according to SCMP. The Hong Kong policeman worked his way from the ground up to gain the trust of the crime leaders.

Notorious Chinese Gang Cripples Children, Forces Them to Beg in Malaysia, Investigation Reveals

Crippled beggars with disfigured faces are usually found in the streets of Malacca and other tourist hotspots in Malaysia. The unfortunate sight was made even more so after an investigation discovered that the beggars are slaves to a large organised gang run by two Chinese brothers.

They have reportedly been begging for money from local and foreign tourists visiting the historic city and other spots, an investigation of a local news outlet revealed.