Policeman Goes Undercover With Triads For 11 Months, Arrests 299 Gang Members

Policeman Goes Undercover With Triads For 11 Months, Arrests 299 Gang MembersPoliceman Goes Undercover With Triads For 11 Months, Arrests 299 Gang Members
Earning the trust of notorious gang leaders is no easy task, especially when they’re part of the oldest crime syndicate in Hong Kong, such as the Wo Shing Wo triad.
But one undercover police officer had to take on a false identity of a vulgar thug in order to infiltrate the notorious organized crime group, according to SCMP. The Hong Kong policeman worked his way from the ground up to gain the trust of the crime leaders.
The officer had to detach himself from friends and family over the course of 11 months. Fellow policemen failed to recognize the undercover officer since he looked so different after losing about 13kg (28.6 pounds) during the operation.
The policeman revealed the numerous trials and tests he had to undergo to earn the trust and respect of the gang members. The whole experience was stressful for him, knowing that any slight mistake on his end not only could jeopardize the operation, but also threaten his own life.
Gang members even tried testing the officer to find out if he was a snitch by singing songs from the movie “Infernal Affairs”, a film which features a similar scenario of a mole going up against the triad.
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A Hong Kong senior police officer stated that this particular operation is “one of the longest and most dangerous undercover operations in a decade.”
Fortunately, the undercover policeman’s efforts paid off as the outcome of the operation led to the arrest of 299 gang members, including three alleged Yuen Long faction leaders of the Wo Shing Wo triad.
However, officials noted that it’s likely other gang members might seek revenge, so the undercover police officer’s life could still be in danger.
In order to ensure the policeman’s safety, he is allowed to carry a pistol with him at all times for protection. The officer is now officially on leave and is set to receive a promotion once he’s back on duty.
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