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Taiwanese man starts living in year 3000 with his payment app barcode tattoo

  • A Taiwanese man has been using a new hands-free mode of payment after getting a payment app barcode permanently tattooed on his arm.
  • An unnamed user on Taiwanese social media platform DCard posted images and clips of himself making purchases by scanning his barcode tattoo.
  • He said he decided to get the tattoo to avoid the inconvenience of having to pull out his smartphone whenever he needs to pay for something.
  • While he said he had encountered no issues with the tattoo so far, he does not suggest others do the same due to the risk of error in inking the lines of the barcode, which could render the tattoo useless.

A man in Taiwan got a barcode permanently tattooed on his arm to avoid the hassle of taking out his mobile phone to make purchases. 

Without revealing his identity, the man shared images and clips of his fully functional barcode tattoo on Taiwanese social media platform DCard.  

Company Imagines What a Chinese Takeout Menu of the Future Will Look Like

Restaurant menus would probably look a lot different in the not-so-distant future, especially when lab-grown meat has become more popular.

Alpha Food Labs, a food technology firm which seeks to develop sustainable food products for the next generation, offers us a glimpse of what is to come with a totally made up Chinese takeout menu of the future. The mock menu aims to visualize how the presentation of the food of tomorrow would be like on restaurant menus. 

Japanese Police Can Now Predict When and Where Criminals Will Strike

A city in Japan has developed a system in which the police can anticipate the occurrence of a crime even before it takes place.

Kyoto police have been utilizing a tool called the Predictive Crime Defense System (Yosokugata Hanzai Bogyo System), a computer software that reportedly predicts the time and place where certain types of crime are most likely to be committed.

This Company Will Give You The Closest Thing to Immortality for Just $200,000

An Arizona-based company claims a hypothetical future technology can provide people who pay $200,000 for it a chance to be immortal.

Alcor Life Extension Foundation is a staunch promoter of cryonics, a process that preserves human corpses in liquid nitrogen after death with a promise of restoration to full health at the time the technology is fully developed.  

Chief Google Engineer: Humans Will Have Hybrid Brains by 2030

In about 15 years, our brains will contain tiny robots that will connect us to the internet, or whatever the internet will have become by then.

So said leading inventor, futurist and director of engineering at Google Ray Kurzweil today at the Exponential Finance conference in New York. By 2030, nanobots, tiny robots made from DNA strands, will connect our brains directly to the cloud, which will contain thousands of computers and alter our intelligence and way of thinking as we know it.

One of the Earliest Bitcoin Pioneers is Cryonically Freezing Himself For the Future

Hal Finney, renowned cryptographer, coder, and bitcoin pioneer, died on Thursday at the age of 58 after battling ALS for five years. However, his journey isn’t over- he is now freezing himself using advanced technology so that he can be revived and cured in the future.

Finney was one of the first programmers for bitcoin’s open source code- he received the first bitcoin transaction from Satoshi Nakamoto. As a fan of futurist technology, Finney requested to be cryonically (not cryogenically, that’s a false movie fact) frozen after his death to be revived in the far future.