How Earth Will Look Like 300 Million Years After Humans Disappear

What would happen if all the humans on planet Earth just disappeared?
YouTube channel #Mind Warehouse produced one of the most fascinating looks into a future without humans from just a few hours to hundreds of millions of years. You might begin to rethink how humans and civilization really impacts the planet over unimaginable amounts of time.
Here’s the play by play of what might happen (video is at the bottom):

0-48 Hours

– Most electrical lights that depend on fossil fuels will shut down.
– Windmills will turn until their lubrication runs out.
– Nuclear power plants will switch to energy-saving mode.
– Solar panels will keep working until they are covered in dust.
– Hydro-electric power sources will still continue to work.

3 Days

– Subways will begin to flood since underground pumps won’t be able to constantly drain them anymore.

10 Days

– Pets trapped indoors will most likely die of starvation or dehydration.
– Most livestock like chicken and cows will begin to die off without humans to feed them.
– Pets like big dogs who can escape their homes will form packs while smaller dogs and cats that are ill-equipped to survive in the wild will be hunted for food.

1 Month

– Water used to cool nuclear power plants will evaporate, triggering meltdowns bigger than Chernobyl or Fukushima.
– The nuclear contamination will kill off millions of animals through cancer, though the planet will recover from the radiation overall.

1 Year

– Satellites will begin to lose orbit and fall back to Earth like shooting stars only visible by packs of wild dogs.

25 Years

– 75% of roads and pavement will be covered by vegetation growing underneath.
– Large pet dogs and wolves will most likely mate, creating a new breed of intelligent dog-wolves.
– The Earth’s air will become very clean without the existence of pollution.
– Nature will reclaim cities like Las Vegas and Dubai, completely covering them in sand.

300 Years

– Metal and steel structures will have eroded without humans to maintain them and structures like the Eiffel Tower and the Golden Gate bridge will collapse.
– Steel encased in concrete will swell to three times its size, causing almost all other structures to collapse.
– Swamps will return to the land providing ideal ecosystems for wildlife.
– The population of sea mammals and other marine life will grow to their full potential without humans to fish or pollute their environment.

500 Years

– All modern cities will have collapsed and been reclaimed by nature, leaving virtually no trace.

10,000 Years

– Stone monuments like Mt. Rushmore, the Pyramids, and The Great Wall of China will remain mostly intact for several hundreds of thousands of years.

50 Million Years

– The only thing left of humanity are plastic bottles and broken glass.

100 Million Years

– Plastic bottles and glass will have finally broken down.

300 Million Years

– There is no trace of humanity left and if there was another sentient species on the planet, they would never know we existed.
Check out the full video below:
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