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CNN Commentator Sparks Outrage After Tweeting ‘Miso Honey’ is a ‘Very Good’ Food Truck Name

A political commentator for CNN has come under fire after posting a tone-deaf tweet suggesting “Miso Honey” was an excellent choice for a food truck name.

Chris Cillizza, who runs a multiplatform brand called “The Point,” left no further explanation about the post, aside from claiming that he “drove by” an actual establishment with such name.

Food Truck Named ‘Poke Me Long Time’ Criticized for Racist and Sexist Name

Poke Me Long Time” is a food truck in Austin, Texas that has reportedly been raising eyebrows for its name that some have found to be insensitive and even borderline racist.

The store’s name, which plays upon the infamous phrase used degradingly for Vietnamese sex workers in the film “Full Metal Jacket”, is the brainchild of the owners, couple Kevin Randolph and Sherilyn Milch.

Asian-Owned Food Truck Under Fire Because of ‘Racist’ Name

An Asian American councilperson in Philadelphia has called out a roaming food truck for being racist because of its name, “Wheely Wheely Good.”

Helen Gym, a local politician and board member of the advocacy group Asian Americans United took to Twitter to express her outrage over the allegedly racist name. She asked “Why” and posted a photo of the truck with a girl beside it holding a sign that read “Racism sucks. And so does this.”