‘It’s like KFC but different legally’: ‘The Afterparty’ stars John Cho, Ken Jeong reveal their best food truck ideas

‘It’s like KFC but different legally’: ‘The Afterparty’ stars John Cho, Ken Jeong reveal their best food truck ideas
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Cho and Jeong star as Ulysses and Feng, respectively, in Season 2 of Apple TV+'s hit murder-mystery comedy series

June 30, 2023
After the success of its first season, the Apple TV+ murder-mystery comedy series
The upcoming season of the Chris Miller-directed show brings a new mystery and characters, with each episode presenting a story from the perspective of a suspect. Tiffany Haddish returns as Detective Danner, and familiar faces Sam Richardson and Zoe Chao join forces to help her identify a murderer at a wedding.
Jeong portrays Feng, a Taiwanese shaved ice food truck owner. When asked what he would choose for his own food truck concept, Jeong tells NextShark about his love for corn dogs.

“So glad you asked. Corn dogs. I talked to John about this. I was like, ‘Hey, man, you and I go into the corndog business. We get a truck in Sherman Oaks, we can make hundreds. You in?’ And he was always like, ‘I’ll get back to you, got to finish up your coffee. We’ll talk about it.’”

Jeong then mentions the “four passions in my life”: “family, medicine, comedy and corn dogs.”
“I really think corn dogs haven’t been done right in the food truck industry,” he declares. “And if we do it right, we can change the world as it pertains to corn dogs. … KCD [Korean corn dogs], it’s like KFC but different legally. I want two things: I want to drive and I want some Korean corn dogs.”
Meanwhile, Cho, who portrays the fun uncle and globetrotter Ulysses in “The Afterparty,” shares that his food truck would focus on “half sandwiches.”

“Here’s my food truck. I find that sandwiches are too big. So you don’t want to commit to the whole thing. What I’m saying is, it’s a food truck that sells half sandwiches. You can get two kinds of sandwiches for the price of one. We get a Reuben, cut it in half and get the other half of a chicken sandwich.”

“I want a reu-pork, a reuben and pork sandwich,” Jeong chimes in.
Cho then states that the name of his food truck would be “Halfwhiches.”
“It’s almost like a misdirect,” Jeong adds. “There’s a painting of a witch but then there’s a painting of an open-faced sandwich. So it just kind of goes hand in hand because you want double meanings.”
“The Afterparty” Season 2 premieres exclusively on Apple TV+ on July 12.
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