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United Once Forced a Disabled Asian Grandma to Move From Business to Coach on 16-Hour Flight

With United Airlines’ poor and disastrous customer service being thrust into the spotlight this week, many are reminded of the 94-year-old grandmother who was forced to leave her $3,600 Business Class seat and move to Economy on her 16-hour flight from Los Angeles to Melbourne, Australia, on February 2.

Marianne Santos Aguilar recounted in a March Facebook post that her grandmother, Paz Orquiza, suffered from severe arthritis and degenerative bone structure.

Donnie Yen Blacklists United Airlines After 9-Year-Old Son Asks Him About David Dao

International superstar and all-around, great guy Donnie Yen has chimed in on the United Airlines fiasco involving Vietnamese-American Dr. David Dao, calling it “uncivilized” and an “injustice”.

The “Ip Man” and “Rogue One” actor recounted on Facebook a conversation that he had with his 9-year-old son who apparently watched the news of 69-year-old Dao getting dragged off the overbooked United flight on TV.