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Japanese Woman Fined $4,500 for Engaging in Sexual Activities With a 14-Year-Old Boy

A woman from Oita city, Japan was recently arrested after it was discovered that she had engaged in sexual activities with a minor, but instead of facing jail time, she was only slapped with a fine for her actions.

The incident occurred in Kobe, the capital of Hyogo prefecture, in August of last year when the woman, believed to be in her 20’s, traveled there to meet a person she had been speaking to online. Upon their rendevouz, the two made their way into a hotel, according to Kobe Shimbun Next via SoraNews24.

People Doing the ‘Falling Stars Challenge’ in China are Getting Fined By the Police

A Chinese woman was recently fined for a traffic violation after dropping face down on the ground at a road in Shanghai to take part in a trend called the “Falling Stars Challenge.”

In the popular social media trend — which is meant to show off one’s wealth online — participants post a photo of themselves lying face down as if they have just fallen. The image must include situations or items that would make it look as extravagant as possible.