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Bride in China Tosses Bouquet, Literally Brings the House Down

Legend has it that there is a bride in China strong enough to wreck a ceiling using only her almighty bouquet that puts Thor, God of Thunder, to shame — even with his hammer, Mjolnir.

The video, which as been circulating Chinese internet recently, shows a bride pretty much destroying the ceiling of the room where their reception was being held during the traditional tossing of the bouquet in China, according to Shanghaiist.

13 People Who Definitely Regret Getting That ‘Chinese’ Tattoo

Engrish, Konglish, and the like receive a lot of flak, and for good reason — the word choice is often poor, leading to very humorous phrases that make no sense to an English speaker.

Usually, the phrases can be found on signs, menus, articles of clothing, etc., but the common theme behind all of them (other than their laughable inability to properly convey the intended message) is that there’s no permanence to it; the sign can be replaced, the shirt can be discarded, and the menus can be updated. What a relief, because that would be really bad if it was permanent, right? Like tattoos, right?