Bride in China Tosses Bouquet, Literally Brings the House Down

Bride in China Tosses Bouquet, Literally Brings the House Down
Bryan Ke
May 8, 2018
Legend has it that there is a bride in China strong enough to wreck a ceiling using only her almighty bouquet that puts Thor, God of Thunder, to shame — even with his hammer, Mjolnir.
The video, which as been circulating Chinese internet recently, shows a bride pretty much destroying the ceiling of the room where their reception was being held during the traditional tossing of the bouquet in China, according to Shanghaiist.
Instead of landing to the waiting hands of the eager single ladies in attendance, the bride accidentally put too much force when she threw the bouquet, hitting the ceiling and making the tiles rain down onto unsuspecting guests below.
This caused major panic for the guests as they all try to avoid getting hit by the falling tiles.
One netizen even joked that whoever gets hit by one of the falling tiles will get married next, substituting the traditional tossing the bouquet with ceiling tiles.
“This is a special blessing. Whoever gets hit will be married within the year,” the netizen wrote, as translated by Shanghaiist.
Maybe next time the bride will consider not taking the colloquialism “bring the house down” too literally and choose to “raise the roof” instead.
Featured image screenshot via YouTube / Shanghaiist
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